Canadian Women’s Foundation

Suzanne co-developed and directed the Canadian Women’s Foundation’s Leadership Institute, a one year program for emerging and mid-career women leaders. With 71 program graduates, the Foundation is now turning the pilot into a permanent program.

“Suzanne did the entire A to Z: studying the feasibility of launching a program, leading the process, and keeping us on track. She helped us to listen to various stakeholders and reflect their goals in our program. And she has the ability to negotiate and prioritize. Suzanne gives 100% and added value well beyond the scope of her contract. She’s made huge success of the program and the partnership for our foundation, our donors and ultimately for our participants.

Work with Suzanne once and you’ll want to work with her again and again. When I know she’s coming into the office, I know it’s going to be a feel-good, energized day.”

Chanel Grenaway, Director of Economic Development, Canadian Women’s Foundation

City of Kingston

Suzanne facilitated the visioning and planning sessions for City Council and the Corporate Management Team that resulted in the City of Kingston’s Strategic Plan. She also helped the Economic Development Task Force set a vision for the City, and enabled stakeholders with strong and divergent opinions find a shared objective for responsible pet ownership

“I could talk about Suzanne for an hour. Take for example, her work with the Responsible Pet Ownership Working Group. That was a very contentious issue with multiple stakeholders. In very short order, Suzanne helped the group find a shared objective and brought the group to a common conclusion. We now have a set of policies that are excellent and have been very well received by the community.”

Gerard Hunt, CAO, City of Kingston

YWCA Hamilton

Suzanne worked intensively with the Board and senior management team to develop a strategic plan, facilitated staff and board governance retreats, and helped the new CEO expand and resource her management team.

“For us, it’s always about not having enough resources. You start by thinking you can’t act until you have the resources, and so you’re always held back. Suzanne helps you find a way to achieve your goals. When I started I had one director. Now we have five.

Suzanne is genuine. She has great knowledge of the non-profit sector with many experiences to share. Especially on days when you think it’s just not going to happen, Suzanne shows you how to move forward. With Suzanne, you feel there’s nothing you can’t tackle.”

Denise Christopherson, CEO, YWCA Hamilton

John Howard Society of Kingston and District

Suzanne led a strategic vision session with the Board and management team and provided executive coaching to the Executive Director.

“It’s her boundless energy. Suzanne walks into the room and everyone’s energy level rises and the creative juices start flowing. She manages to break ideas open. You come up with things you didn’t know you could. And then she can bring together the 50 different directions you’ve come up with and consolidate them into a few key goals.

When you leave, everyone – your board, your staff, everyone involved – is motivated with a sense of urgency and excitement. She inspires everyone with a sense of imperative and enthusiasm.”

Tyler Fainstat Executive Director, John Howard Society of Ottawa
Past Executive Director, John Howard Society of Kingston and District